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Youth Achievement Award Program (YAAP) Rules

1. This program is based on participation, not competition.

2. Participants MUST be members of MSHA, but do not need to own or ride an American Saddlebred.

3. Points are cumulative from year to year as long as the participant is under 18 and a member of MSHA.

4. Logbooks are recorded on the honor system but must be verified by an appropriate official or another adult.

5. Points must be earned in at least two different categories.

6. Medallions are presented annually.

Categories and Points


Only a maximum of 30% of points may come from this category

  • Take lessons for riding, driving or in hand [5 points per 10 lessons]
  • Ride, drive or show in hand at a horse show [10 points per show]
  • Participate in an organized trail ride, parade or expo (location and club to be listed) [5 points]


  • Observe a horse show (minimum one performance) and provide a short report on which classes were watched (minimum two classes), who the judge was, and who won the classes, as well as a short observation or comment on the classes [5 points per show]
  • Attend MSHA youth meetings or barn club meetings [5 points per meeting]
  • Complete a horse project for school, 4-H etc. [5 points per project and 5 points per report]
  • Attend a clinic (participate or audit) and complete a report [5 points per clinic and 5 points per report]
  • Attend a camp [5 points per camp and 5 points per report]
  • Promote the American Saddlebred by doing a booth at a school fair or event [20 points]

2022 YAAP Medallion Recipients


To volunteer means that you do not receive compensation in the form of money, lessons, show expenses etc. for your time

If you “work off" or do work toward some of your lesson expenses or show expenses, keep a chart of your hours so that you and your trainer can divide up your volunteer hours and your work hours

  • Volunteer at MSHA activities or shows (examples include clinics, fund raisers, etc., check with project or show managers) [10 points per activity]
  • Groom at a show [1 point per hour]
  • Work at a show (gate/ribbons etc.) [1 point per hour]
  • Help with special programs or projects at the barn or with a horse organization (examples include camps, clinics, expos, seminars) [5 points per event]
  • Volunteer at the barn (grooming, clipping, washing tails, cleaning stalls, feeding etc.) [10 points per 8 hours]

2012 YAAP Medallion Recipients



A new logbook was created in Google Sheets. 

Open the link above and save a version as your own personal file to complete online, or print the document to complete a paper logbook.