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Youth Scholarship Awards for Ages 11 to 17

This program is designed to recognize our hardworking youth who have committed themselves to the Saddlebred industry and the sport they love. MSHA will honor four junior exhibitors:

Cash prizes to be awarded to two recipients in the 15–17 age division, a $1,000 award and a $500 award.

Cash prizes to be awarded to two recipients in the 11-14 age division, a $500 award and a $250 award.

Age divisions refer to the divisions that you participate in during 2022.

This prize is to be used toward a horse-related purchase or educational purpose. Prize money is raised through various MSHA sponsored fund raising events.

Our applicants should:

Serve as role models for their peers

Exhibit good sportsmanship and leadership

Have regular responsibilities within a barn setting (Responsibilities may include helping with chores, grooming, volunteering, helping at shows etc.)

Have earned awards or commendations for accomplishments in various levels of competitions (example: 4-H, speech on Saddlebreds, photography etc.) and/or work with volunteer organizations.

Applicant's responsibilities:

Applicants must be members of MSHA

EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 15TH – Application due

EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 15TH – Names of references due

January 3rd – Essay due

January 3rd – References due

You are responsible for making sure we get your references by October 10th and that they are completed and returned by January 3rd.

Around October 31st, you will be notified of a topic chosen by MSHA for your essay. The essay will be due by January 3rd.

Scholarship awards are presented at the MSHA Awards Banquet.

Please contact with questions:

Alice Lear, 651-895-5402

Jennefer Lear, 651-895-3088

2022 MSHA Scholarship Award Application

Click here to print the application

Youth Achievement Award Program (YAAP)


1. This program is based on participation, not competition.

2. Participants MUST be members of MSHA, but do not need to own or ride an American Saddlebred.

3. Points are cumulative from year to year as long as the participant is under 18 and a member of MSHA.

4. Logbooks are recorded on the honor system but must be verified by an appropriate official or another adult.

5. Points must be earned in at least two different categories.

6. Medallions will be presented annually.

Categories and points


(Only a maximum of 30% of points may come from this category)

- Ride, drive or show in hand at a horse show: 10 points per show

- Participate in an organized trail ride/parade (location and club to be listed): 5 points

- Take riding lessons: 5 points per 10 lessons


- Observe a horse show (minimum one performance) and provide a short report on which classes were watched (minimum two classes), who the judge was, and who won the classes, as well as a short observation or comment on the classes: 5 points per show

- Attend MSHA youth meetings or barn club meetings: 5 points

- Junior Judge at a horse show: 10 points per show

- Attend a clinic: 10 points per clinic