The American Saddlebred Horse

What distinguishes the American Saddlebred?


The American Saddlebred remains the ultimate show horse, high-stepping and elegant. The horse carries itself with an attitude that some call class or presence. This superior air distinguishes every movement of this stylish horse. The ideal Saddlebred is well-proportioned and presents a beautiful overall picture – good muscle tone and a smooth, glossy coat. The average height is 15 to 16 hands and any color is acceptable.

American Saddlebreds are capable of participating in a myriad of different activities. There is bound to be an American Saddlebred suited for whatever you like to do.  Here are just a few, click on the links to learn more:

Saddleseat riding/showing
Western riding/showing
Hunt seat riding/showing
Showing In Hand
Teaching new riders
Trail riding, jumping, dressage, carriage driving and much more