Sunset’s Flying High

SUNSET’S FLYING HIGH has not shown.

By The King Of Highpoint (WC) out of Phice Cream by Phi Slama Jama (WC).

Second dam Longview’s Parfait who produced:
CH Reedann’s Phinery 120259 (WC, RWC) (1991 ch. M by Phi Slama Jama 84303* (WC)) 33 wins. 1 KSF wins. 2000 KSF 2nd 3GSPJrEx, 1999 KSF 3GSPJrEx, 1997 KSF 2nd 3GSPAd, 1994 ASR Sweeps 3yoPkPl, National Fut 3yo3GPl, 1993 KY Fut 2nd 2yoFH

CH Parlay 97613 (1992 ch. G by Phi Slama Jama 84303* (WC)) 28 wins.

Talk The Talk 99215 (RWC) (1993 ch. G by CH The Talk Of The Town 66881* (RWC)) 2 wins. 1996 KSF 2nd 5G3yoS/GS

Third dam CH STONEWALL PARFAIT 63795* (WC, RWC),

IN THE STUD From 25 Registered Get, SUNSET’S FLYING HIGH 122349 has sired 2 KSF ribbon winners with 3 ribbons (1st-8th), and 1 futurity ribbon winners. Winners include:

Sunset’s Flying Kiss 150896, 2013, ch. M (O Whata Kiss 147300 by Callaway’s Northern Kiss 111205) 9 wins. 2017
Amer. Royal 5th PkPlJr, 6th PkPlJrCh, Midwest 3GSPJr, 2nd 3GSPJrCh, Central States 2nd Misc, IA St Fair 2nd ModSP, IA Fall 2nd PkPlSt, NE Charity 3rd EngPl, Mane Event 3rd 3GSPJr, Des Moines Spring 2nd 3GSPJr, Great River 2nd ModSP, 2nd ModOpCh, 2nd 3GSPJr, 2nd 3SPJrNvSt, Central States 3GSPLmt, IA Fall PkPlDeJr/Nv, Mane Event 3GSPJrCh, IASA Spr Tune-Up 3GSPAd, 3GSPAd, Des Moines Spring 3GSPNvCh, NE Charity 3GSPJr/Lmt, IA St Fair 4th 3GSPAd, 5th 3GSPSt, 2016 Midwest 6th UPHA3GPkPl, NE Charity PkPl3yo, Central States 4th UPHA3GPkPl, Mane Event 4th UPHA3GPkPl, NE Charity 2nd 3G3yoRestr, 2014 KSF 4th YBrOp

Sunset’s Fly With Me 124669, 2012, ch. G (I’m A Prima Donna 144416 by I’m A New Yorker 76843* (RWC)) 5 wins.
2017 Raleigh Inv EngPlWTCh, Bluefield SPDCh, Rockbridge Fair SPDCh, Raleigh Inv 2nd EnPlWT, Southern States Morgan 2nd 3GSPResCh, Bluefield 2nd SPD, Rockbridge Fair 3rd SPD, Southern States Morgan 4th 3GSPAOT, NC St Fair 4th SPD, 4th SPD, 2016 3rd EnPlWT, Rockbridge Fair PkPlDr, NC St

Fairunset’s Dream A Dream 124670, 2012, ch. S (Sunset’s Dream Girl 146421 by Such A Salesman 113613*) 2013 KSF 5th YBrOp, KY Fut 5th YOp

Sunset’s Avatar 125460, 2013, ch. G (Miss Albany 138694 by The Cheetah 80833*) 2017 Champagne Stables 3rd 3GSP, 6th 3GSPCh

Opening Bid $825.00 Transported Semen at cost, LFG