Peri Rich

Peri Rich is by Periaptor and out of CH A Rich Girl by Money Market LS. Second dam Mr. Dawn’s Victory by CH Mister Dawn. In his only time in the ring Peri Rich was 6th in the Kentucky Amateur Futurity Two Year Old In Hand

His sire, Periaptor, topped the Leading Living Sires rankings for 2012. CH A Rich Girl is a World’s Champion of Champions Three-Gaited Ladies horse. Her sire, Money Market LS, is a World’s Champion Fine Harness Two Year Old.

From 27 Registered Get, PERI RICH 107370 has sired 6 KSF ribbon winners with 17 ribbons (1st-8th), and 5 futurity ribbon winners.

Winners include:
Cincinnati Kid 116498, 2005, ch. G (My Gypsy Tambourine 121831 by Sultan’s Flashdance 82057*) 11 wins. 2016 Heartland Classic PkPlDr, PkPlDrCh, Buckeye Fall 2nd PkPlDrCh, 2015 Heartland Classic 2nd PkPlDr, 2nd PkPlDrCh, Buckeye Fall PkPlDr, PkPlDrCh,2014 Brown Co PkPlDrCh, PkPlDr, 2013 So Horse Fest 5GOp, 5GOp, 2011 Tanbark 5GLad, 2009 FASH Spring 5GJr, 2008
UPHA5G, Tanbark 2nd UPHA5G

Double Charmed 119094, 2007, ch. G (The Lucky Charm 125061 by Sultan’s Starmaker 75614*) 10 wins. 2016 UPHA Chapt V 3GJkptSt, 3GOp, Tanbark 3GOp, Madison Cl 2nd 3GJkptSt, 2nd 3GOp, 2015 KSF 3rd 3GPny, Amer. Royal 2nd 3GPny, UPHA Chapt V 2nd 3GNv, Tanbark 3GOp, 2013 Tanbark 3GJr/Nv, UPHA Chapt V 3GNv, Tanbark 3GCh, 2012 Madison Classic 2nd 3GSt, Tanbark 2nd 3GNv, WI Fut 2nd 3GJr/Nv, Tanbark 2nd 3GSt, 2011 UPHA Chapt V 2nd 3GLad, Madison Classic 2nd 3GJr/Nv, 2010 Amer. Royal 2nd 3G3yo, Midwest 3G3yo, UPHA Chapt V 2nd UPHA3G

Memories’ Savannah 143112, 2006, ch. M (Memories’ Sherry Wine 119844* by Mountain Highland Memories 58789*) 6 wins. 2017 KSF Tanbark 5GOp, 2016 Madison Cl 5GLad, Tanbark 5GLmt, 2015 UPHA Chapt V 5GLad, 2012Madison Classic 5GJr/Nv, 2011 Madison Classic 2nd 3GPkSt, UPHA Chapt V 2nd 3GPkAm, Madison Classic 3GPkOp, UPHA Chapt V 6th 3GPkAm/JrExCh

Gran Torino 121476, 2009, blk. G (Memories’ Beaujolais 131816 by Sultan’s Great Day 76479* (WC)) 2 wins. 2017 Tanbark 3GPkOp, 2nd 3GPkJkpt, 2016 3GLad, 2015 Midwest 2nd 3GLadCh, UPHA Chapt V 2nd 3GLadCh, 2014 UPHA Chapt V 2nd 3GSPAdCh, 2012 WI Fut 2nd UPHA3GPkPl

Sophia Lane 146872, 2009, ch. M (My Gypsy Tambourine 121831 by Sultan’s Flashdance 82057*) 2 wins. 2016 Madison Cl 3GLmt, UPHA Chapt V 2nd 3GLmt, Tanbark 2nd 3GJr/LmtHrs, 2015 Midwest 3GNv

Persian Star 154042, 2017, b. M (Kalarama’s Star Bright 140476 by Blue O’Shea 106629) 1 wins. 2017 TX Fut WFil

An American Maserati 119087, 2007, b. G (Memories’ Beaujolais 131816 by Sultan’s Great Day 76479* (WC)) 4 wins. 2016 UPHA Chapt V 2nd 3GPkJkptSt, Madison Cl 2nd 3GPkJrLmCh, Tanbark 2nd 3GPkOp, 2012 PkPlOpCh, 2nd PkPl, WI Fut 2nd PkPl, Tanbark 2nd PkPlOpCh, 2nd PkPl, 2011 Madison Classic 2nd PkPlJr, UPHA Chapt V PkPlJr, Madison Classic PkPlJrCh, UPHA Chapt V PkPlJrCh, 2010 2nd UPHA3GPkPl

Believe In Pink 143148, 2006, ch. M (My Gypsy Tambourine 121831 by Sultan’s Flashdance 82057*) 4 wins. 2014 Mane Event PkPl, FASH Spring 2nd 3GSPJr/Nv, 2013 Mane Event PkPlLmtHrs, Tanbark 2nd PkPlOpCh, 2012 Tanbark PkPlJr/Nv, 2011 Madison Classic 2nd PkPl, UPHA Chapt V 2nd PkPlOpCh, 2010 UPHA Chapt V 2nd PkPlJr, 2009 FASH Spring 2nd UPHA3GPkPl, Oshkosh UPHA3GPkPl, 2008 ASAW Summerfun 2nd 3G2yo

An American Soldier 116325, 2005, ch. G (Memories’ Beaujolais 131816 by Sultan’s Great Day 76479* (WC)) 3 wins. 2009 Summerfest 3GJr/Nv, FASH Spring 3GJr/Nv, 2008 UPHA3G, 2007 KY Am Fut 3rd 2yoIHAm

Memories’ Valentine 144404, 2007, ch. M (Memories’ Sherry Wine 119844* by Mountain Highland Memories 58789*) 1 wins. 2012 Tanbark 3GOp, Madison

Transported semen, LFG, Collection $250.00. Opening Bid $825.00