Noble Heritage Praetorian

By Periaptor out of Moet. Second dam Camillia Fox by Grape Trees Fox, dam of CH Unattached 84436* (WCC, WC, RWCC, RWC) (1985 ch. G by Attache 60741* (WC, RWC)) 32 wins. 3 KSF wins. 1997KSF 2nd 5GAmCh, 2nd 5GAmS/GSt, 1995 KSF 5GLadCh, 2nd 5GLadGSt, 1991 KSF 5GGeldSt, 1986 KSF YBrSt

Show Record: 1 win. 2009AL Charity WON FHOp, 201KY Spring Premier 2nd FHAm


Winners include:

Arrowhead’s Grey Goose 124376, 2011, gr. G (Lucky Vision 133605 by Who Am I 108242*) 7 wins. 2017 Asheville Lions 7th 5GSPLmtHrs, 8th 5GSPAdCh, Blue Ridge 6th 5GSPLmtHrs, ETSA Spring 5GSPAd, 5GSPSt, LuthSch PkPlOpCh, ETSA Mid-Summer 2nd 5GSPAd, 2nd 5GSPAdCh, LuthSch 2nd PkPlLmtHrs, JD Massey 4th 5GSPLmtHrs, 4th 5GSPAdCh, Chattanooga 4th 5GSPAd, 5th 5GSPAdCh, Blue Ridge 5th 5GShPlLimCh, 2016 Lex Jr League 5th 5GLadG, Mercer Co Fair 6th 5GNv, KY Fall Classic 5GSPNv, So Fall Finale 5GShPlLimCh, 5GSPLmtHrs, 2015 UPHA Chapt V 4th 5GSPAd, 2014 Central States 2nd UPHA5G, Boone Co Fair (MO) 2nd UPHA5G, KY Spring Premier 5G3yo

Aluminum Johnny 122920, 2010 G (Catch The Moon 136003 (RWC) by Supreme Heir 74815* (WC)) 5 wins. 2017 Amer. Royal 3rd CWPCh, 6th CWPAm, Lex Jr League 6th CWPCh, 5th CWPAm, Asheville Lions 2nd CWPAm, 2nd CWPCh, KY Spring Premier 3rd CWPCh, ShatWCP, Burlington Spring CWPAm, Rock Creek CWPAm, Pro-Am 2nd OpWPl, 2nd OpWPlCh, KY Spring Premier 2nd CWPAm, Rock Creek 4th CWPCh, 2016 So Fall Finale WPlPsp, WPlPspCh, Shelby Co Fair 3rd OpWPl, 2015 KY Spring Premier 2nd PlDrOp, All American 5th SPD, Shelby Co Fair 6th SPDAd, Harrodsburg Spr 7th SPDCh, 2014 May Classic 5th CPD, Burlington Spring 4th SPD, So Fall Finale 3rd PlDrOp, KY Spring Premier 2nd CPD, 2nd CPDCh, 2013 AL Charity 3rd SPDCh, 3rd SPD, 2010 IN Fut 6th WOp

Gravel Gertie 150956, 2013, gr. M (Silver Starlight 141292 by Conquistador St. Patrick 75061) 1 wins. 2015 MO Fut 2yoIHAm, 5th 2yoIH, 2014 4th YFil, 2013 3rd WFil,

Ruby Red Slippers149285, 2011, ch. M (Kalarama’s War Cry 135311 by (SA) War Image 990053* (WC, RWGC)) 2015 All American 3rd HuntCoPlPrspt, 2012 IN Fut 7th YOp

The Grey Gatsby 126463, 2014, gr. S (Wrapped Up In You 143582 by Belle Reve’s Renaissance Man 93296* (WC,  RWC)) 2014 IA Fut 2nd WCo, 2nd WCh, IA LMT BR ST 4th LmtBrS

Opening bid $825.00, Live cover, mare care $8 or, $12 with foal. LFG