I’m A Lucky Charm

I’M A LUCKY CHARM 110087 From 62 Registered Get, has sired 6 KSF ribbon winners with 9 ribbons (1st-8th), and 7 futurity ribbon winners.

Winners include:

Queensbury Jazzman 2009, (Queensbury Jasmine by Phi Slama Jama (WC)) 18 wins. 2017 FASH Spring OpPl, Cap Classic GSPJrEx, 2016 Spring Tune Up 3GSPAd, 3GSPAdSt, 2015 Summerfest 3GSPAd, 3GSPAdSt, MN Octoberfest 3GSPAdSt, 2014 Des Moines Spring PkPlSt, 2013 IL St Fair 3GSPJr, 2012 Mane Event FHJr, IL St Fair UPHAFH, IA Fall UPHA3GPkPl, IL St Fair UPHA3GPkPl, IA Fall UPHAFH

Power Point (CH Bahia Belle (WCC, WC) by Chubasco 27 wins. 2017 Lex Jr League SS3GPkOp, Mercer Co Fair SS3GPkOp, Shelbyville 3GPkSt, KY Fall Classic SS3GPkOpCh, 2015 Shelby Co Fair 5GAmSt, Lawrenceburg 5GAm, BAHA Spring 5GAmCh, 2014 KY St Ch 5GAm, Pin Oak 3GPkAmCh, 2013 NTASHA Fall 5GAm, 2012 Big D 3GJr/Nv, Pin Oak 3GCh, NTASHA Fall 3GSt, 2011 Lex Jr League 3GPkOp, OK Centennial 5GOp, Pin Oak 5GJr/Nv, NTASHA Fall 3GPkSt, OK Centennial 5GCh, NTASHA Fall 3GPkOp, SASHA 5GSt

Talk About Luck (Ti Adoro by Desert’s Supreme Admiral ) 10 wins. 2015 Spring WmUp 3GJrExCh, 3GJrEx, UPHA Chapt V 3GJrExCh, 3GJrEx, MO St Fair 3GOp, 3GCh, 2014 MO St Fair 3GCh, 3GOp, 2013 Lex Jr League 3GOv15.2

Incredibly Lucky (Credible Lady by Attache’s Born Believer 16 wins. 2017 Heartland Classic 5GOp, Pink Rbn 5GOp, 5GSt, 2016 Spring WmUp 5GSt, UPHA Chapt V 5GJkptSt, St. Louis 5GOp, 2015 St. Louis 5GOp, 5GJkptSt, 2014 Central States 5GOp, 5GCh, Boone Co Fair (MO) 5GOp, 2012 Amer. Royal 2nd 5GOpMare, Midwest 2nd 5GOpMare, UPHA Chapt V 5GOp, 5GCh

Nothin’ But Charm (Provocative Woman by Memories Are Made Of This) 6 wins. 2017 Lex Jr League 2nd 5GLadG, Rock Creek 2nd 5GLadAm, 2nd 5GLadAmCh, 2016 Harrodsburg Spr 5GLad, 2015 MHSA Kickoff 5GJr/Nv, UPHA Chapt V 5GDeJr, 2014 MO St Fair 5GJrRes, Boone Co Fair (MO) 5GJr, 2013 Boone Co Fair (MO) 5G3yo

Midd’s Ponce (WC) (Merida by CHHeir To Champagne (WC, RWC))1 KSF wins. 1 wins. 2017 KSF 3G2yo

My Lucky Nite (Champagne’s Red Wine by Champagne Fizz) 9 wins. 2013 Granite St 3GAm, ASAM Summer 3GOp,

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