HS Daydream’s Dignity

HS Daydream’s Dignity is unshown.

His sire, Sir William Robert, is a World Champion Two Year Old Fine Harness and Reserve World Champion Fine Harness Stallion/Gelding, and he is the sire of 78 Kentucky State Fair ribbon winners. His dam is A Daydream Believer (BHF), making him a full brother to WC HS Daydream’s Believe In Me, WCC CH HS Dignitary, WC HS Decorum, and RWC HS Daydream’s Celebrity, as well as a half-brother to WGC CH Castledream, RWC Dream Castle, and WC HS Daydream’s Heads Up.

From 105 Registered Get, HS DAYDREAM’S DIGNITY 121228 has sired 7 KSF ribbon winners with 14 ribbons (1st-8th), and 10 futurity ribbon winners. Winners include:

Walterway’s Dignitary 122770, 2010, ch. G (Oak Hill’s Watch Me 129688 by I’m A Girlwatcher 93976*) 1 KSF wins. 20 wins. 2016 Amer. Royal 2nd 3GJrEx, 2nd 3GJrExCh, Lex Jr League 3GLadOv15.2, 3GLadCh, WI Fut 3GJrExCh, 3GJrEx, Spring WmUp 2nd 3GLad, Mane Event 2nd 3GJrExCh, 2nd 3GJrEx, Spring WmUp 3GLadCh, Buckeye Fall 3GOp, 3GCh, 2015 Pink Rbn 3GPkJr/Nv, Del Riding Club 3GPkOp, 3GPkSt, OH St Fair 3GCh, 3GResSt, 2014 Twin Rivers FHJr

Tra La Lady 148376, 2010, ch. M (The Lady Katherine 142446 by Designed 102451 (WC, RWC)) 18 wins. 2017 Asheville Lions 2nd 3GPny, 3GPnyCh, Blowing Rock 3GPny, 3GPnyCh, Dallas Fall 3GPny, 3GAmJrExStk, Raleigh Spring 3GPnyCh, JD Massey 3GPny, 3GPnyCh, 2016 Amer. Royal 3GPny, 2nd 3GPnyCh, JD Massey 3GPny, Raleigh 3GPny, 3GPnyCh, Blowing Rock 3GPny, 3GPnyCh, NC State Champ 3GPny, 3GPnyCh, 2015 NE GA Charity 3GAm/JrExCh, Dixie Cup 3GJrEx

Double Dipper 149195, 2011, ch. M (Unspoken Intentions 135818 by Trust Fund 104396) 10 wins. 2015 Oshkosh SPJrSt, 3GSPJr, WI Fut 3GSPJr, 3GSPJrCh, SPDJr, ASAW Summerfun 3GSPJr, 2014 Oshkosh UPHA3GPkPl, ASAW Summerfun UPHA3GPkPl, 2013 2yoIHAm, 3G2yo, Mane Event 2nd 3G2yo, WI Fut 2nd 2yoFH

Dignity’s Don’t Tell Daddy 150347, 2012, ch. M (Stonehedge Supreme Style 142121 by Supreme Delivery 90942*) 3 wins. 2016 IASPHA Spring PkPlAm, PkPlOpCh, Mid-Amer Sig PkPlJr

Pretty Little Liar 151027, 2013, ch. M (Bust Your Buttons 134838 by Simbara’s Rising Son 99207*) 3 wins. 2017 Milwaukee Spring3GDeJr, 3GJrEx, Milwaukee Spring 3rd 3GAmCh, 2016 Oshkosh 3GCPJr/Lmt

Carpenter Pike 124918, 2012, ch. G (Callaway’s Dainty Cara 124025 by CHCaramac 71202* (WCC, WC, RWC)) 3 wins. 2017 San-N-Tone 3GPkOp, PkPl, 2016 Mercer Co Fair FHJr, Indy Charity 2nd FHJr, 2015 Midwest 2nd UPHA FH, Mercer Co Fair 2nd FH3yo

Dare To Dream Big 12387 (RWC), 2011, ch. S (Memory Waltz 140323 by CHStar Waltz 76957*) 2011 KY Fut 2nd WOp

He is the sire of Reserve World Champion ASR Kentucky Futurity Weanling Dare To Dream Big; Showtime’s Lady Kate, who was Reserve Champion Indiana Futurity Weanling and Top Four in the All American Cup; Texas Futurity winners Dignified Lady and Bluebonnet’s Believer; Wisconsin Futurity winners Double Dipper, Pretty Little Liar and Adelynn.

Transported Semen, LFG, Collection/Shipping $350-400.00, Opening Bid $ 825.00.