HS Castle Vision

HS Castle Vision is unshown. His oldest get are five years old. He is sired by Castle Bravo, World’s Champion Three-Gaited Over 15.2 Stake horse and sire of 29 Kentucky State Fair ribbon winners. His dam is A Daydream Believer (BHF), making him a full brother to WGC CH Castledream and RWC Dream Castle, as well as a half-brother to WC HS Daydream’s Believe In Me, WCC CH HS Dignitary, WC HS Decorum, RWC HS Daydream’s Celebrity, and WC HS Daydream’s Heads Up.

From 65 Registered Get, HS CASTLE VISION 121151 has sired 4 KSF ribbon winners with 5 ribbons (1st-8th), and 9 futurity ribbon winners.

Winners include:
See The Light 124316, 2011, ch. G (September Morning 136819 by Supreme Heir 74815* (WC)) 15 wins. 2014 UPHA Chapt V FH3yo, Almost Summer 2nd PkPlDr, 2013 Shelby Co Fair FH2yo

Cherry Popsicle 151587, 2013, ch. M (Mountainview’s Agape 126138 (RWCC, RWC) by Hide-A-Way’s Rave Reviews 81764*) 6 wins. 2017 Carousel SPDCh, Charity Fair CPD, CPDCh, CA Futurity CPD, CPDCh, Carousel 2nd SPD, 2016 CA Futurity 3rd SPD, SPDCh

The Chicago Way 149674, 2011, ch. M (Majestic’s My Way 141020 by Simply Majestic 100996* (WC)) 4 wins. 2017 Milwaukee Spring 5GLmt, Mid-Amer Sig 5GCh, WI Fut 5GJr/Lmt, Mid-Amer Sig 2nd 5GOp, 5GLadCh, 2016 WI Fut 2nd 5GJr/Nv, MN Futurity 5GOp

Truffles & Ruffles 150601, 2012, ch. M (Eight Oak’s Supreme Serenade 134802 by Classic Memories 72147*) 2 wins. 2017 JD Massey 2nd PkPlNv, 2016 UPHA Chapt 10 Spring PkPlJr, UPHA Chapt 10 Fall PkPlJr, Mid-Amer Sig 2nd PkPlJr, 2015 WI LMT BR ST 6th 3yoPkPl

Seven Crowns 125666, 2013, ch. S (Justa Gypsy 144415 by The Wish Card 96796) 2 wins. 2017 Bluefield 3GPlPsp4yo&Un, ASHAV PkPlJr

September’s Vision 125233, 2012, ch. G (September’s Gold 145360 by CH Callaway’s Gold Rush 88961* (WC)) 2 wins. 2017 ASAC PkPlJr/Nv, 2016 Harrodsburg Spr 5GJr

Castle Design 125845, 2013, b. G (Nicole Miller 141023 by Designed 102451 (WC, RWC)) 1 wins. 2017 AL Charity PkPlDeJr

Mountainview’s Sky Watcher 149731, 2011, ch. M (Mountainview’s Stardust 137343 by Hide-Way’s Rave Reviews 81764*) 1 wins. 2015 Old Dom 3GJr/Nv

Castleton 126746 (RWC), 2014, ch. G (Princess Mara 139263* by Santana’s Charm 77710* (WCC, WC)) 2015 KSF 2nd YBrOp

Transported Semen, LFG, Collection/ Shipping $350-400.00, Opening Bid 825.00