Brooklyn King

Brooklyn King by I’m a New Yorker (RWC) out of Our Night Out by CF First Night Out (RWC). Second dam CF Lightning Strikes Again, by Arrowhead Chief

His sire HIS SIRE, I’m A New Yorker 76843*(RWC) 1984 KSF 2nd FHJrJkPt, 1982 5th FH2yoSt From 513 Registered Get, I’M A NEW YORKER 76843*(RWC) has sired 111 KSF ribbon winners with 386 ribbons (1st-8th), 13CHs, and 33 futurity ribbon winners.

Winners include:

CHCaraway’s New York Minute 118606 (WCC, WC, RWCC, RWC), 2006, ch. G (Caraway 123168* (WC) by CHCaramac 71202* (WCC, WC, RWC)) 5 KSF wins. 42 wins. 2014 KSF FHAmLad, FHAmCh, 2012 KSF FHAmGnt, 2011 KSF FHAmCh, FHAmGnt

CHNew York’s Perfect Gift 111761 (WC), 2002, ch. G (CHUndulata’s Perfect Gift ERB (BHF) 126478*
(WC, RWC) by The New York Times 70592*) 5 KSF wins. 38 wins. 2009 KSF 3GLadOv15.2, 2007 KSF 3GAmOv15.2, 2006 KSF 3GJrOv15.2, 2005 KSF 3G3yo, 2004 KSF 3G2yoSt

Kalarama’s New York Lady 144849 (WC, RWCC, RWC), 2007, blk. M (Lady Whitney (BHF) 127530 by The New York Times 70592*) 2 KSF wins. 20 wins. 2017 KSF FHMareSt, 2016 KSF FHAmGnt

The Plaza 120207* (WCC, WC, RWC), 2007, ch. G (Penelope Cruz 142397 by Leatherwood’s Starlight 95371* (RWC)) 2 KSF wins. 14 wins. 2011 KSF 5GJrS/G, 5GJrCh

CHFreaky Links 109200 (WC, RWCC, RWC), 2000, ch. G (Major Moves 106454* by Wings Of Time 65604) 2 KSF wins. 60 wins. 2009 KSF 5GJrEx, 2003 5G3yoS/GSt

His dam produced the successful weanling futurity baby, Our Tango, by Tango’s Parting Kiss

His second dam produced I’ll Bet You (RWCC, RWC)

Brooklyn King has not shown

In the stud Brooklyn King has 5 registered foals the oldest foaled in 2015

Opening Bid $825.00, $375.00 collection, plus shipping, 1 year return service