Brookhill’s Apollon

Brookhill’s Apollon is by CH Harlem Town out of This Is Good by Periaptor. His second dam is Bewitched Goddess (BHF) by Oak Hill’s Dear Sir.

Brookhill’s Apollon had a brief career as a fine harness horse before being retired to stud. He is the sire of Bluegrass Futurity Weanling Reserve Champion Brookhill’s Express Yourself, WC Brookhill’s Knockout, and the winning Three-Gaited horse Brookhill’s Fame. His deceased sire was a multiple World’s Champion in the Three-Gaited and Fine Harness divisions and is the sire of multiple World’s Champions. His dam is a full sister to WC CH Rob Me Blind and RWC Java Chip and half-sister to RWC The Cat.

From 40 Registered Get, BROOKHILL’S APOLLON 115726 has sired 5 KSF ribbon winners with 17 ribbons (1st-8th), and 5 futurity ribbon winners. Winners include:

Brookhill’s Express Yourself 149141 (WCC, WC), 2011, ch. M (The Lady Lu Lu BH (BHF) 134763 by Catalyst 86017*) 3 KSF wins. 29 wins. 2017 KSF SPDJrEx, SPDJrExCh, Midwest YthChlgSPD, SPDJrExCh, Denver Qn City YthChlgSPD, SPDCh, Carousel YthChlgSPD, CO Classic SPD, SPDCh, Almost Summer SPD, SPDCh, 2016 KSF SPDJrExCh, Amer. Royal YthChlgSPDCh, 2015 CO Classic PkPlJr/Nv, Tanbark 3GSPJr, Denver Qn City PkPl, PkPlOpCh, St. Louis 3GSPJrEx, 2014 KY Fall Classic UPHA3GPkPl, 2011 Bluegrass Fut 2nd WBrSt

Brookhill’s Knockout 123102 (WCC, WC, RWCC, RWC), 2010, blk. G (CHIt’s A Beautiful Day (BHF) 116607 (WCC, WC) by Sultan’s Great Day 76479* (WC)) 3 KSF wins. 21 wins. 2017 KSF 3GCPJrEx, 3GCPJrExCh, Asheville Lions 3GCPJrEx, 3GCPJrExCh, Mercer Co Fair 3GCPJrEx, 2016 KSF 2nd SPDJrEx, 2nd SPDJrExCh, OK Centennial SPDCh, thChlgSPD, Indy Charity YthChlgSPD, Mercer Co Fair SPDCh, 2015 Indy Charity 3GSPJrExCh, Mercer Co Fair 3GSPJrEx, All American PkPlOpCh, KY Fall Classic PkPlSt, PkPlJr/LmtHrs, 2014 KSF 3GSPJrEx, 2013 St. Louis UPHA3GPkPl, Rock Creek 3GPk3yo

Brookhill’s Fame 122197, 2009, b. G (She Be Jammin’ 121005 by Catalyst 86017*) 15 wins. 2017 Midwest 3GSPResCh, MHSA Kickoff PkPlAm, PkPlAmCh, 2016 ASAW Summerfun 3GSPAd, 2015 ASAW Summerfun 3GLad, 2014 WI Fut 3GAmCh, ASAW Summerfun 3GAm, WI Fut 3GLad MHSA Kickoff 3GLadCh, 3GLad, 2013 Pro-Am 5GJr, All American 3GJrSt, Mercer Co Fair 3GJr

I’m A Star Boy 126559 (WC), 2014, b. G (Artichoke Annie 143805 by Leatherwood’s Starlight 95371* (RWC)) 2 wins. 2017 National Fut 3yoPk, So Fall Finale 3GPk3yo, All Am Cup 2nd AACup-3yoU/S, KY Fall Classic 2nd 3GPk3yo

Let Love Rule 124912, 2012, blk. G (One Great Love 138606 by Sultan’s Great Day 76479* (WC)) 4 wins. 2017 JD Massey 3GPkJr/Nv, Mid-South Spr Prem 3GPkDeJr, 3GPkCh

Brookhill’s Serious Black 123753, 2011, blk. S (CH It’s A Beautiful Day (BHF) 116607 (WCC, WC) by Sultan’s Great Day 76479* (WC)) 2 wins. 2015 KY Fall Classic 2nd PkPlJr/LmtHrs, KY Spring Premier PkPlJrCh

Cornerstone’s Moondance 152906, 2015, blk. M (Dreams Are Free 149699 by HS Daydream’s Dignity 121228) 1 wins. 2017 KSF 6th FH2yoM, ASHAV 3G2yoPerfect Play 125140, 2012, ch. G (Shiloh Valley’s Pom-Pom Girl 133597 by Revival 95289* (WCC, WC, RWCC, RWC)) 1 wins. 2015 Bonnie Blue 5G3yo

Do The Bossa Nova 122759, 2009, ch. G (Brookhill’s Dixie Waltz 142140 by Attache’s Royal Assets 104246) 2 wins. 2016 3GSPLmtExCh, 2014 So Sdlbrd Spr Fling 3GSPAdCh

Transported semen, LFG, collection/shipping $350-400.00. Opening Bid $1325.00